Sweet Art Photography | Sweet Art Photography - Choosing Favorites

Here I will walk you through how to view your gallery.  As always I am just an e-mail or phone call away.

 So if you get confused, don't hesitate to contact me.  My goal is to make it as easy as possible for you.

1-    Start by going to Sweet Art Photography's Webpage

2-     Next click on Client Access on the top right



3-    You should have a password for your gallery in this email.  If not contact Natalie: 724-651-0579 or natalie@sweetartphoto.com
4- Depending on your computer, it may ask you to enter your password twice.  


5- This should bring you to your gallery.  

6- You will go through your gallery.  When you get to a photo you love, click on the top left, on the heart and it will add it to your favorites. Do this as you go through your whole gallery.  Do not worry about how many you have right now.


Now click on the top left where it says MY SELECTIONS, You can now narrow it down to your number of favorites.  *This number depends on how long your session lasted.

 1 Hour session: 8-10 choices
 1 1/2 Hours: 12-15 choices
2 Hour Session: 18-20 choices
 You can always choose others later if you wish.  


Next you need to send your order to me.  On the top left click on SEND TO


Fill out your information and add in anything else you'd like to see.  

Example:  I love image-8981a for the yearbook

OR  I'd love to see 8763a in black and white
Click SHARE and I will get them, edit them and then upload the new ones to your site.  Once there they will be the first images in your main gallery.