Meet the faces of Sweet Art Photography!

My name is Natalie and I am the main photographer, photo editor, shoot scheduler, photo orderer, facebook updater, e-mailer and I'm sure a few other things. If you book a session, chances are I will be your photographer. I will be in contact with you throughout your whole Sweet Art Experience and doing all I can to make you a happy customer who will want to come back to work with us again.

My husband, Bryan, is the tech guy. He is very detailed and knows the photo ropes. He is constantly doing book work, updating the Sweet Art Photography website, buying or trading in our equipment for something better when possible. He is also my second shooter at weddings, sports events or whenever needed.

Melvin, is our 8 year old parsons russell. He was part of the "I Do" package and he has made me a dog lover for the last 4 years! He helps keep the morale up in this business. He is always around to help model for correct lighting prior to a studio shoot. He lays at my feet while I spend countless hours editing and often gives me suggestions :)

This is a team effort and luckily I have 2 great guys who are supportive and willing to help out whenever they can. If we haven't met yet, hopefully at some point our paths will cross and I will have the opportunity to photograph you and your loved ones. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Smile on!
Natalie Williams

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